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Condition before treatment:

  1. In an act of Vandalism the painting had been cut off the stretcher

  2. Losses of paint all along the cuts

  3. Areas of poor adhesion and flaking, due to the artist re-using an older, already damaged painting as ground.

Treatment carried out:

  1. Edge to edge repair of the cuts using a fibre and adhesive mixture carried out under magnification (see images above). In preparation for this a temporary facing was applied to the turn over edges and the remaining outer edge of the canvas was removed from the stretcher.

  2. Consolidation of loose paint

  3. Lining onto polyester sailcloth for additional strength supporting the repaired cuts.

  4. Filling and retouching of losses

The painting lined onto the pre-stretched polyester sailcloth...

G. Hummbold (?), oil on canvas, 690 x 602 mm                               return to index

The painting after treatment

       Portrait of a Cow

...and attached to a new stretcher with filling of losses finished.