View of the Rialto Bridge                     

Style of Canaletto, oil on canvas, 605 x 1010 mm                            return to index

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Condition before treatment:

  1. Brittle original canvas tearing off the strainer along tacking and with many tears and punctures.

  2. Poor adhesion of paint layer throughout with extensive cupping.

  3. Dull, darkened and degraded varnish.

  4. Paint loss along tears and many small pinpoint losses throughout.

Treatment carried out:

  1. Consolidation of flaking paint.

  2. Local repair of tears and punctures: See pictures above:                

  3. A)Detail of tears and old patch repair on reverse

  4. B)After local repair with inserts and/or fibre/adhesive mixture

  5. C)The same detail on the front after filling paint loss

  6. Varnish removal

  7. Lining of canvas to strengthen brittle original.

  8. Filling of paint loss and retouching.

  9. Application of new varnish.

Detail during varnish removal                              Reattaching lined canvas onto stretcher