Winter Landscape near a Town Wall

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Condition before treatment:

  1. Upper panel joint open, but fixed with wooden battens on reverse

  2. Thick discoloured varnish.

  3. Discoloured old retouching especially within sky.

Treatment carried out:

  1. Removal of discoloured varnish and old retouching.

  2. Rejoining of opened joint. The battens on the reverse were left screwed on at the lower two panels. For re-joining the upper board, the screws had to be removed from the battens there. The screws were not replaced afterwards and the upper board only lightly secured to the battens with strips of sailcloth.

  3. Filling and retouching of re-glued joint.

  4. Application of new varnish.

                                                                                    ...during re-joining of boards...

During varnish removal...                           

                                         ...and the reverse after treatment.

Klaes Molenaer, oil on oak panel, 720 x 1072 mm                          return to index

A detail during varnish removal...                       ...and after treatment.


                    Another detail after treatment